Title Page AJ May 2009
Contents - AJ May 2009
Editorial - Indian Election & Left by Abid H Minto
Military Action, Talibanisation . . . by Abid Minto
Balochistan - NWP Letter to Govt. & Pol. Parties
Sibte Hassan - Great Marxist by Muslim Shamim
PIDA – Irrigation Alternative by Ch. Fateh Mohd.
US Debu over 7 Kharb Dollars by Asad Mufti
History of May Day by Mudassar Askri
May Day in Lahore organised by NWP
May Day in Kala Shah Kakoo by NWP
May Day in Kabirwala by NWP Pakistan
May Day in Toba Tek Singh by NWP
May Day in Multan organised by NWP
May Day in Sheikhupura by NWP
Press Conference by PTUF Leadership
Rally in Remembrance Abdul Rehman
Justice Fesih-Ud-Din - Commitment & Values
National Workers Party Sheikhupura Meeting
2009 – 123rd May Day by PTUF
NWP call to Join for Basic Social Change
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